Data Platform

The Finance UI Data Platform is our financial database software allowing companies to manage customer data, financial data and business processes.Finance UI Data Platform »

Microsoft Automation

Do you use Microsoft 365? Automate email handling, document editing, SharePoint and Teams integration and more in the Microsoft 365 cloud.Microsoft 365 Automation »

Mobile Finance Apps

Enable customers to access and manage their account data, make additional payments or settle their accounts early with Finance UI Mobile Apps.Mobile Finance Apps »

Document Processing

Receive, store and process customer finance documents in a secure way that follows your business processes and requirements.Document Processing »

Software Development

Securely share data with other platforms that you use with customised Finance UI Integration software solutions designed to fit your business.Bespoke Software Development »

Data Compliance

Ensuring that your technology conforms to data protection legislation and the fair and reasonable use of customer data within your business.Read More »

Who We Are

Bringing high-end software capabilities to growing financial services businesses with the Finance UI Data Platform.

Established in 2008, we have worked closely with businesses in the finance and service sectors including well-known companies like Volkswagen Financial Services UK, White Clarke Group, Digitalk and Capita. We want to bring our experience and knowledge gained with those clients to help growing financial services companies take the next step.

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About Our Clients

We’ve helped clients in financial services and the service sector launch successful software projects.