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Professional .NET development support on-demand

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Many companies have got used to the idea of scaling their IT infrastructure in the cloud to suit their business needs. What if we could do the same thing with software development teams? Say “hello” to the Developer Cloud platform.

At Anterec, we help companies to deliver enterprise software projects. We know through experience that there are many companies who already have software systems in place that can be challenging to support. On the one hand, you need software developers to add new features and maintain your systems, but you might not necessarily want to invest in building a large-scale software team.

Perhaps you work at a company who has seen a sudden rise in demand and has an ever-increasing backlog of work building up, with pressure coming from the management team to deliver more in less time. You need help today, but it’ll be months before you can recruit new developers.

This is where our Developer Cloud (SDAAS) platform can help. We’re offering companies of all sizes on-demand access to our professional Microsoft .NET enterprise software development team when, and for how long, you need them.

Think of us as being your cloud resource for software development! There when you need us, on standby when you don’t. And you only pay for the time we work on your projects! This is software development as a service (SDAAS).

How does Developer Cloud (SDAAS) compare with traditional options?

We believe that our Developer Cloud platform offers a number of important advantages compared to hiring contract developers or offshoring software projects:

A decade ago, companies used to have on-premises server rooms full of expensive servers that needed constant cooling and maintenance. These days, most companies have some (if not all) of their IT infrastructure in the cloud.

Software development teams are in a similar position today. Scaling the team up is expensive and time-consuming and you’re never sure of what you’re going to get. While many companies may always need a core in-house team, above a certain point it is more cost-effective and responsive to use SDAAS.

By applying the same IT infrastructure model to software development, our Developer Cloud platform provides an innovative, modern approach to enterprise software development that brings a higher level of value to your business than recruiting, hiring contractors or offshoring.

I’m interested! How do we get started?

Send us a message using our contact form or call us on 01234 818370 and we can discuss your projects and agree on the best way for us to help.

We’re specialist in Microsoft .NET software development for business applications. We can help build modern web applications, web services/microservices, cloud software (Azure Apps, Azure Functions, SQL Azure), Windows Services, database support for MSSQL, SQL Azure and Oracle and mobile applications built using Xamarin.

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