Flexible IR35 compliant .NET software development

An IR35 compliant solution to technical resourcing challenges

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Posted by: Brent Jenkins Category: Business, Technology

Private sector changes to the UK’s IR35 off-payroll working rules come into effect on the 6th of April 2021. Anterec Developer Cloud® offers a flexible and compliant solution for affected businesses.

Companies (particularly in the IT industry) who hire contractors could find themselves at increased risk of penalties from HMRC, increased costs, or difficulty finding the right technical resources under the latest rule changes from HMRC.

Many gig economy workers in the UK have decided that the game’s up on contracting and have moved into permanent positions either with existing clients or new employers elsewhere. In an industry survey, over 55% of freelancers plan to leave the contracting market after April 2021.

So where does that leave businesses that rely on off-payroll contract workers?

Technical resourcing options

Up until now, there were just three choices: hire permanent software developers, hire contract software developers or outsource/offshore your software projects.

We quickly realised that as the contractor route becomes unviable, an alternative option that retains all of the benefits of hiring contractors with none of the accompanying risks would be welcome in the industry.

Our Anterec Developer Cloud® for .NET service has been trialled for the last six months with a small number of clients on various projects. We’ve found that it’s been a massive success in terms of delivering what we promised, and it’s been a big hit with our clients who love being in complete control of project costs and delivery timescales.

One of the key features is the ultimate level of flexibility. Whether you need a developer for a few irregular days, a short-term project or long-term support, Anterec Developer Cloud® for .NET can cover every scenario and is now the preferred option for our clients.

Public availability

We are pleased to announce that our Anterec Developer Cloud® for .NET service is now available for all UK businesses. Simply let us know about your .NET requirements and we can be up-and-running within a few days. No long recruitment process or interviews and we provide the necessary equipment and software licenses.

We always work under mutual non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) (we can provide one for you if needed) and ensure that our systems are fully secured and virus-free. Your intellectual property (IP) is protected at all times.

How do we maintain IR35 compliance?

Quite simply, our team is employed directly by us at Anterec with NI and tax responsibilities handled at our end. Our team members work for one or more client at a time (depending upon the workload and client requirements) helping to spread the cost across different client companies.

We manage our team internally and collaborate with our clients to ensure that projects get delivered on time and on budget.

Time is running out

With the private sector IR35 changes taking effect in the next few weeks, time is running out for businesses to ensure that they can continue to deliver their important software projects.

Don’t leave it until the last minute to get alternatives like Anterec Developer Cloud® for .NET in place.

Anterec Developer Cloud® for .NET

Flexible IR35 compliant .NET software development

The UK’s most flexible .NET software development service. Get help from our UK team with full IR35 compliance, fixed daily rates and no long contracts or minimum period.

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