We're All About Creating Solutions

You're in safe hands with the Anterec team. We understand your business and we want to help you make the best decisions to get your company's software working for you.

Our Mission

We aim to advise and work with companies to make the right changes to their software and how they use business data to stay ahead of the competition.

Our Vision

Your business data is an asset! We want to help every company get the most from their data by adding new features and improving existing systems.

Why Us

Our years of software development experience mean that we will deliver the right solutions to provide your company with the business tools it needs.

Experienced Team

Our team has gained its software development experience over many years working on projects in the automotive, finance, telecommunications and education sectors.

Our core skills are coding Microsoft .NET and .NET Core applications that manage and process data from Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Azure databases.We create enterprise-level web apps using Angular, back-end services (running in the cloud or on-premises servers) and custom APIs to allow other systems to securely interact with core business data.

Future-Proof Cloud Apps

Building applications that can be deployed to the cloud can help save businesses money, time and downtime.

Cloud apps can be deployed anywhere in the world and can be scaled up or down depending upon customer demand. We support both the Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS platforms and we make sure our applications can be deployed to either (or both) environments.