Custom software development for Capita SIMS

Project Description

Capita is a well-known services and software development company that works with a number of UK public sector organisations. Our remit was to support the SIMS (Student Information Management System) team software migration from desktop software to a cloud-based platform using Microsoft .NET technologies.

Client: Capita Children’s Services

Year: 2012 – 2013

Timeframe: 6 months

Main Service: Microsoft .NET Software Development

Extra Service: Reporting Services, Office 365 Integration, Microsoft SQL Server Development

Capita's sector-leading SIMS software is in use across many schools in the UK. We worked closely with Capita's internal development team to accelerate delivery of a cloud-based solution designed to replace the existing desktop platform which had high maintenance overheads. We were takes with researching and developing a document generation solution that integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office while providing maximum flexibility to end-users.

We helped Capita to create a solution that while intuitive enough to enable end-users to easily create rich Office templates, provided a high degree of configurability and support for all of the data available in their system. This included creating custom APIs, database manipulation code and bespoke extensions for Microsoft Office applications.

We had a very tight deadline to take an initial idea through research and development to a working, production-ready solution. We achieved our goals and successfully delivered in the following areas.

  • Research and development of hosted document management system.
  • Develop tools for end-users to create document templates.
  • System integration with SharePoint and Microsoft 365.
  • Integration with existing Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Co-ordination with internal development teams.


What we were hired for

Rapid development and delivery of a document generation solution that integrated with SQL Server and Microsoft Office 365.