Real-time cloud solutions for telecommunications

Project Description

Digitalk are a VOIP solutions provider to mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) around the world. We created business web applications to provide a customer facing point-of-sale and back-office software to manage customer accounts and billing services. The software was required to integrate with their existing VOIP platform.

Client: Digitalk

Year: 2013 – 2014

Timeframe: 1 year

Main Service: Microsoft .NET Web Development

Extra Service: Systems Integration, Software Consultancy

The Digitalk team had existing graphic designs and specifications for the software their wanted to build, but lacked the necessary web application development skills within their team. We helped to turn their designs into a set of real-world applications while ensuring security and cross-platform compatibility using the Microsoft .NET framework and Knockout.js for the web-based elements. This enabled us to develop applications that worked just as well on mobile devices as they did on a desktop browser.

While the point-of-sale software had to be kept as simple as possible to make it quick and easy for retailer to use, the back-office software needed to provide all of the information and functionality required to efficiently manage customer and retailer accounts, track sales and calculate commissions due to retailers and resellers.

We worked closely with their in-house software team to ensure that all of the projects were delivered on-time and covered all of the functionality detailed in their requirement documents.

  • Greenfield advanced web applications.
  • Microsoft .NET with Knockout.js development.
  • Support for international time zones, cultures and languages.
  • Cross-platform support and responsive design.
  • Integration with existing VOIP software.


What we were hired for

Development of a custom Microsoft .NET point-of-sale system to manage customer accounts for VOIP service providers.