Support and commercial services for Subway® franchisees

Project Description

The European Independent Purchasing Company (now known as IPC Europe) is a non-profit making organisation owned by Subway Franchisees across Europe. As well as the purchasing, management and supply of Subway approved food, packaging and equipment, they provide support and commercial services and technology solutions such as wi-fi, utilities, insurance, in-store radio and more

Client: European Independent Purchasing Company (EIPC)

Year: 2008

Main Service: Legacy Software & Database Support (.NET)

Extra Service: ASP.NET Development, SQL Reporting, SQL Server Support, Software Consulting

The European Independent Purchasing Company (EIPC) became our first customer after Anterec was incorporated in 2008. EIPC was using a Microsoft ASP.NET application connected to a SQL Server database and using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to create customised reports on franchisee and supplier data to help to maintain and improve their service.

EIPC had custom database applications built which had been left with a number of issues, including duplication of data, missing data fields within their applications and problems with bespoke SQL Server reports which were causing inaccuracies in the way data was presented. We investigated and fixed a large number of these issues for EIPC.

When helped EIPC to resolve multiple issues in their software and database, including in the following areas.

  • Microsoft ASP.NET application development.
  • Microsoft SQL Server database development.
  • Maintenance and enhancement of bespoke SQL Server reports (SSRS).
  • Research and development to repair critical business data.
  • Addition of new functionality to existing .NET software.


What we were hired for

Maintenance of a Microsoft ASP.NET franchisee platform and database to add new functionality and update existing reporting features.