Financial Service Companies

We understand the financial services sector is different from most other industries due to national and international regulation, security requirements and scrutiny both within the industry and the media.

Our experience working with asset financial services companies such as Volkswagen Financial Services and White Clarke Group over the years helps us to understand your needs, requirements and obligations..

What's Holding Your Business Back?

Is your software getting old or is business critical functionality broken or missing? Do you need to securely share data with other systems or do you need better visibility on your business performance? Are you looking to automate repetitive tasks or use AI to spot patterns in customer data?

We can help with all of these things, preparing your business for the challenges of the 21st century.

Legacy Software

Established financial services companies often have databases and software that has built up over time.

We understand that it isn't always easy to move away from these systems and that they may be critical to your day-to-day business.

We can support legacy systems while helping to improve and move functionality to more modern platforms.

Our key aim is to support your business during what can a long and complex transformation phase.

FinTech Innovation

Advances in big data, AI and machine learning have brought a whole host of exciting possibilities to businesses.

We are here to help you every step of the way in identifying, researching, designing and implementing modern, smart technology into your business preparing and protecting it for the future.

As experts in our field, we also understand that any innovation has to put security, privacy, legal and ethical considerations at the forefront of everything we do.

The growth of FinTech has been driven by adoption across age groups, but the demand from the millennial generation to innovate and think about financial services differently has been a catalyst for change. - Taavet Hinrikus, Author
We can be certain that cities around the world will compete for the jobs that the next revival of the financial services industry will bring. - Michael Bloomberg, Investor

Case Study: Volkswagen Financial Services

We helped Volkswagen Financial services support their legacy finance platform built more than 12 years ago on early versions of Microsoft .NET.

Various projects that we worked upon included upgrading the code to run on modern and supported versions of the .NET framework, implementing GDPR changes across the entire platform, adding custom API's to enable external systems to communicate with the platform and integrated systems, as well as moving the entire system to a new cloud hosted platform.

We also developed a mobile app for Apple iPhone and iPad devices that is now used by almost every Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat dealership throughout the UK which saved Volkswagen Financial Services money and improved the quality of their service to their dealerships and their end customers.

Case Study: White Clarke Group

We worked with White Clarke Group in Milton Keynes to support and enhance their .NET asset finance platform for one of their long term clients.

In addition, we worked closely with White Clarke Group's internal software development team to build a number of leading-edge prototype systems that worked across various platforms and devices.