Software development services for business applications

Do you need support for existing business software, or do you have a new project but no developers available? Experienced resources can be hard to find and expensive to manage internally. Perhaps your existing provider hasn't met your expectations. The good news is that we can help!

Our highly experienced team has delivered complex software projects for blue-chip clients in the automotive, financial services, education, logistics and public sector industries. Each one of our senior developers has at least 10 years experience developing bespoke business applications for the web, the cloud, servers (services), APIs, microservices, mobile apps and desktop applications. We are a talented team of software development consultants who can help to build and streamline your business data systems.


Software Development

Bespoke Software Development

Software designed to fit your business

Looking for bespoke software to take your business to the next level? We create business software to centralise and manage your data, automate routine processes and connect with your customers.

Business Systems Integration

Connecting your business data

Integrate your business data systems to reduce manual data entry, eliminate duplication and automate business data processing. Custom software development to connect your business data.

Anterec Developer Cloud™

.NET Software Consultancy

On-demand Microsoft .NET software development consultancy for companies that need support with existing .NET business applications or .NET software project recovery.


What We Do

Modern web applications are powerful software solutions that have largely taken over from traditional desktop applications. With the adoption of WebAssembly (WASM), web applications will become an even richer, powerful experience. We help companies build cutting-edge software while supporting legacy systems.

Many of our customer's web applications are built upon a JavaScript front-end (the part that you see in your browser) using either the Angular or React frameworks and API software (running on the server) built upon Microsoft .NET or .NET Core. Microsoft's new and exciting Blazor framework is also becoming more popular and is our recommended platform for new projects. Many customers have legacy web applications written in ASP.NET WebForms or MVC that also need supporting and enhancing. Whether your team needs help, you want to outsource a project or you need a new project developing from scratch, we will help you to get your projects delivered. We can provide full-time support or we can provide resources for a few days a month to support your business and keep costs under control.

Well thought-out web applications are secure and intuitive enough for users to become productive quickly and with minimal training. Customers want quick and easy access to their accounts and for products and services to be delivered in a fast, efficient and informative way. We have helped to develop digital point-of-sale applications, student record systems, automotive finance processing software and more. Whether it's greenfield projects or legacy support, we're here to help.

  • Modern Single-Page Applications (SPAs).
  • Angular, React and Blazor front-end web frameworks.
  • Legacy support for ASP.NET WebForms and MVC.
  • Development for secure and regulated industry sectors.
  • Integration with 3rd party providers and systems.

Connect with your customers and field agents directly with a business mobile application. Design and publish applications that work on smartphones and tablets running Apple iOS or Google Android software. Built using Microsoft .NET and Xamarin frameworks to speed up development and increase maintainability.

Mobile applications provide a great customer experience and creates opportunities for repeat business. It enables your business to directly notify your customers about new products and services and get instant feedback. We develop secure, reliable and intuitive mobile apps for our customers and can help with the Apple App Store and Google Play publishing process. We developed and app for Volkswagen Financial Services which has been adopted by all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda dealerships in the UK to speed up delivery of vehicles to customers and reduce overheads. What could a mobile app do for your business?

For mobile apps that retrieve and update customer or business data, we build bespoke APIs to enable the app to communicate with your business database in a secure and controlled manner. APIs allow communication with mobile apps or other authorised systems which can located be anywhere in the world. Security is extremely important to us, so we work with 3rd party security experts to ensure our software is as secure as possible. We provide ongoing maintenance and support for customer mobile apps. We are an approved Open Banking Technical Services Provider (TSP).

  • Connect with customers and field agents directly.
  • Improve business processes and reduce overheads.
  • Support for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Built on Microsoft .NET and Xamarin mobile frameworks.
  • Experienced in the Apple App Store/Google Play release process.

Cloud-based software using Microsoft Azure reduces the cost of buying, maintaining and securing your business infrastructure. Additionally, cloud-based software is more resilient with a high-level of built-in redundancy. We help companies to develop secure and reliable cloud software and APIs (to enable systems to communicate) that scale.

Most of us are used to using cloud-based software in our lives. From Facebook to Netflix, Amazon to iMessaging, we're using the cloud every single day. These platforms use the cloud to ensure that they are available 24/7 to their end users. As the number of users increase or decrease, their applications can be scaled up or down to meet that demand. We develop cloud-based applications using the Microsoft .NET framework and Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The cloud is ideal for developing and hosting APIs - small pieces of code that enable different systems to communicate between each other - bringing your data to life.

Mobile apps are a great way to provide customers with an amazing experience when dealing with your business. To get the best out of a mobile app, they need to be able to communicate with your systems. This is one of the primary uses for APIs. We have created APIs to support mobile applications for a number of our customers, including Volkswagen Financial Services. We built their mobile app and its API which integrates with their existing platform, database and SAP software to speed up delivery of vehicles to customers and bringing revenue in quicker than before.

  • Microsoft Azure Web App development.
  • Microsoft Azure Functions development.
  • Docker and Kubernetes support.
  • Modern and secure API development.
  • Microservice architecture for scalable solutions.

Your data is probably your business's most valuable assets. When extending your database to support additional information, adding or updating functionality or migrating data, you need a team that you can trust. As highly experienced Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database developers, we won't let you down.

We can provide help in designing and creating database structures (schemas) that make sense to the business model and allows for future enhancements. We help companies migrate data between systems, find and modify historic data based on pre-defined criteria, and change functionality built into T-SQL or PL/SQL functions, stored procedures or packages. We can help to analyse and profile database performance to find and fix performance problems in order to reduce running costs. Where necessary, we can arrange out-of-hours support for critical upgrades and functional changes.

For brand new applications, we can help design and implement a logical database structure to suit your application. Having worked with highly regulated industry sectors, we have experience of the best way of storing and processing personal data to maintain compliance while enabling your business to grow. Databases are a key component of any application. Getting the database right at the beginning will be a determining factor in the success of your application.

  • Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Azure T-SQL development.
  • Oracle PL/SQL development.
  • Database schema design and scripting.
  • SQL programming using functions, stored procedures and packages.
  • Database profiling and performance analysis.

Windows Services are the workhorses of many businesses. Most people in businesses are unaware of them working constantly behind the scenes. Typical jobs done by these services revolve around data processing, imports and exports. We develop business services to handle everyday processing and increase productivity and efficiencies.

Windows Services are standalone programs that don't need any interaction from users. We have designed and built Windows Services using the Microsoft .NET framework to manage business workflows, perform credit checks against customers, send information to anti-fraud/anti-money laundering agencies, import and export data and generate reports or migrate data between internal systems. As Microsoft .NET experienced professionals, we understand when different types of applications should be used and we can help you get the right applications for your business needs.

What work are you doing today that takes up a lot of your time? One example is data entry. Where did that data come from? How often does it change? If it's from another software application then this job can be automated by creating a Windows Service that reads the data from one system and creates it directly in the target system's database, saving your business time and money. Not only is it quicker but it's less prone to human errors too. It's a win-win for your business!

  • Windows Services developed for continuous server processing.
  • Support Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and above.
  • Routine processing tasks (data imports, data exports, data manipulations).
  • Run processes autonomously with no human interaction.
  • Extend the life of your existing platforms.

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