Microsoft .NET software development services for business

Are you looking for a partner to support existing business software built with Microsoft .NET, or do you need to deliver a new project but have no .NET developers available? Experienced resources can be hard to find and expensive to manage internally. Perhaps your existing provider hasn’t met your expectations. The good news is that we can help!

Our highly experienced team has delivered complex software projects for blue-chip clients in the automotive, financial services, education, logistics and public sector industries.

Each one of our senior developers has at least 10 years experience developing bespoke business applications for the web, the cloud, servers (services), APIs, microservices, mobile apps and desktop applications. We are a talented team of software development consultants who can help to build and streamline your business data systems.

With support for all versions of the Microsoft .NET framework including .NET Core and .NET 5 (with support for .NET 6 planned in the near-future) and a culture of constant learning an personal development, we’re ideally placed to help businesses like yours support and deliver their .NET projects.


.NET Software Development

.NET Software Development

Business .NET application development

Bespoke business .NET software development to create modern and dynamic applications or support existing software for your business. Desktop, cloud, server and mobile support.

ASP.NET Application Development

Web-based business applications

Development support for modern SPA web apps using Angular, React or Blazor as well as legacy ASP.NET WebForms and MVC line-of-business applications. WCF support and RESTful micro-service development.

Laptop computer on a desk with computer code being edited

Anterec Developer Cloud® for .NET

PAYG .NET software development

Our flexible Microsoft .NET development service provides UK-based support for business .NET projects at a fixed daily rate with no long-term contracts or minimum period and full IR35 compliance.


Business Data Solutions

.NET Systems Integration

Connecting your business data

Integrate your business data systems to reduce manual data entry, eliminate duplication and automate business data processing with custom .NET software that works with your business data.

Power BI Business Analytics

Real-time business intelligence

Monitor and dive into real-time business data in your organisation to understand trends, create reports and plan your business strategy based on real-world information.

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Microsoft Access Migration to .NET

Protect your business data

Convert your Microsoft Access databases to secure and modern .NET business applications that integrate with other business systems and protect your valuable business data.


Business Consultancy

.NET Software Consultancy

Review, simplify and deliver

Whether you’re looking to support your existing .NET software or your latest .NET project has stalled, we can help. Using our years of industry experience, we will make sure your projects get delivered.

Business Data Hub for .NET

Mission control for your business

Imagine if you had one system at the centre of your business that brought all of your business data together. That’s the idea behind the Business Data Hub for .NET platform.


UK .NET Development Team?

Specialists in Microsoft .NET software development

Avoid hiring expensive contractors or costly in-house software teams by outsourcing your projects to us only when necessary. Outsourcing projects internationally can be risky - time zone, language and cultural differences can make communications difficult and time consuming. We're based in the UK and can work remotely or on-site depending upon your requirements.

Your software is critical to the success and future of your business. Remove the risks by working with us to deliver your projects on time and on budget. Our experience with businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to multinational corporations, enables us to adapt to your needs and to understand your business goals.


Task 1: Getting Started

Talk to us about your project’s aims, blockers and deadlines. We’ll put a plan in place to get your project delivered.

Task 2: Develop & Test

Leave it to us to do the coding and testing. We’ll keep you in the loop to let you know how we’re progressing.

Task 3: Delivery

When the project is completed, we’ll help support you to get it delivered and released to your customers.