Business Data Hub for .NET

Custom-built business data management solutions

Over the years, companies often build up fragmented systems with important data distributed across different areas of the business. What if you could have a clear view of all that data in a centralised business system? That’s what our Business Data Hub offers.

Many businesses see the same issues when various solutions were brought in during different stages of growth to solve specific problems at the time. Examples of these systems might be CRMs, ERPs, bespoke databases, documents, 3rd party solutions or paper-based systems.

In today’s fast-moving marketplace, business leaders need to be able to understand the real-time position of the business and trends that may be affecting the company in order to make quick, informed decisions. Having a bespoke Business Data Hub solution that integrates with your existing systems makes it easier to find the data you need when you need it.

With a need for better data governance (not just for GDPR compliance), knowing what data you hold and where it is stored is crucial for treating people fairly and avoiding regulatory penalties.

Integrated business systems

Business Data Hub

Custom-built business data management solutions

Mission Control For Your Business

We design bespoke Business Data Hub solutions to match your specific requirements and integrate with their existing solutions without needing to replace software that provides important functionality within the business.

From customised data management application to specialised software to connect systems together along with real-time business intelligence, we will produce a solution that fits your business.

  • Find and manage business data in one central location
  • Enable existing business systems to work together
  • Real-time business intelligence and reporting
  • Support for legacy software applications
  • Work with on-site, cloud, hybrid-cloud and 3rd party software
  • 12+ years experience in business bespoke business systems
  • Fully customised mission control centre for your business

How Do We Help?

We aren’t just suppliers to our clients, we’re trusted technical partners. We advise our clients on the best routes to reach their business goals and we only develop custom solutions when off-the-shelf software isn’t up to the job.

  • Microsoft .NET and .NET Core application development
  • Business mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Microsoft .NET cloud and API development
  • MSSQL, SQL Azure, Oracle and MySQL database support
  • Cloud and server data processing applications

Ready For The Next Step?

Every business is unique with different challenges and goals. Tell us about your business requirements and your current challenges and we’ll find the right solutions for you. Our mission is to help you solve your business challenges.

90 Day Warranty

In the unlikely event that a bug is found in our software within 90 days of delivery or go-live, we will fix it free-of-charge. Conditions apply. Contact us for further information.

7 Day Trial

We offer a 7 day no-risk, no-obligation trial period to new customers. If you’re not 100% happy, you can walk away without paying a penny. Conditions apply. Contact us for further information.