Financial Data Compliance

Keep customer data safe with compliant systems

Secure and compliant data processing

Your customer data is your company’s biggest asset and also its biggest risk. Losing customer data or failing to comply with privacy regulations can cause long term reputational damage and lead to financial penalties being imposed.

With GDPR penalties currently set at a maximum of 4% of your global turnover or €20 million (whichever is the greater and based on your previous year’s trading figures) it’s critical that your business data is well protected and compliant with all regulations.

Your business data is most at risk when it’s held in different systems. For example, keeping completed paper forms in a filing cabinet, lists of customers in spreadsheets and scanned copies of passports, driving licenses and utility bills on a network drive.

How do you know who accessed your data, when they accessed it and for what purpose?

You can protect yourself and your customers by centralising your customer data and documents into a single system with access control, auditing and encryption.

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What are the biggest threats to company data?

Weak Passwords

Increase security with strong passwords and 2FA

Weak passwords which are re-used across multiple applications present a huge risk to businesses. We develop systems that require strong passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA) using Google or Microsoft Authenticator apps.


Control and monitor access to data to prevent data loss

Almost every data breach involves internal personnel taking the wrong action (whether that is deliberate or accidental). You can reduce the risk of customer and business data loss by controlling what actions a user can take.

Hacking & Phishing

Put your business data onto a secure and encrypted platform

Storing your data in PDF, Excel, Word or other document formats using an on-site drive puts you at risk of losing your data to malware, hacking or phishing attacks. We help companies set up secure document processing and storage online.

Protect your customer data and privacy

Control access and encrypt sensitive data within your business

Customer data is your business’s most valuable asset. Protecting that data from unauthorised access and respecting your customer’s privacy is good practice and a legal obligation. Don’t risk reputational damage and regulatory penalties, protect your data today.