Finance UI Data Platform

Custom database and software development for financial services

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As a growing financial services company, it’s essential that you can manage your business data effectively. You need a platform that is secure and intuitive but can be extended to meet your unique business requirements.

We’ve built upon our experience with customers like Volkswagen Financial Services to create the Finance UI Data Platform. Our platform has been designed with financial companies like yours in mind. This as the starting point for building customised software that fits the way you do business.

What is the Finance UI Data Platform?

Financial service companies need a specific set of software products to work effectively. By putting customer data at the centre of your business, we enable you to provide a great customer service and create innovative products for new and existing customers.

Your business gets a secure, modern database holding customer and financial data. On top of that, we provide a dynamic and secure web application for your team to manage customer data.

Handling documents is important too, so we configure software to receive customer documents and link them to their accounts. Above all, we ensure that customer data is stored and processed in a compliant way.

Finance UI Data Platform relationship diagram

Finance UI Mobile Apps

It isn’t always easy to communicate with existing and prospective customers. Our mobile apps allow customers to manage their accounts and communicate directly with your team. This provides the ideal opportunity to talk to your customers or market additional products and services directly to your customers.

Web application development

What about a mobile app for your team? We create mobile apps that enable you to manage your customer and product data from a secure mobile app. What if you could receive notifications when you need to approve something out of the office? Would you like to see team and company performance in one simple view?

Finance UI mobile apps connect straight into the Finance UI Data Platform giving you direct access to your business data.

Microsoft 365 Automation

How many times each day are you doing the same routine tasks? Creating Excel spreadsheets, writing Word documents, updating SharePoint and sending emails out to colleagues – this can take up a large portion of your day, costing you time and money.

We use Microsoft Power Automate in order to reduce repetitive admin work. Create and build workflows to manage incoming emails, create and update documents and even send emails out automatically. If there are business processes that can be defined with a set of rules, they can be automated allowing you to get on with the really important work.

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