Fully-Managed .NET Outsourcing

Professional UK .NET and .NET Core software development services

Hiring permanent or contract software developers within your business can be an expensive and time-consuming exercise. Many businesses have been held back by a shortage of talented (and available) developers in the market for many years, making finding the right people even trickier.

While some companies try (with mixed to poor results) off-shoring their projects, common problems include working across different time-zones, language and cultural differences, as well as delays in getting critical changes made. What may have taken a couple of hours to do in the UK ends up slipping back days or weeks.

We offer full-service Microsoft .NET outsourcing. From talented web, desktop, mobile and cloud developers to project managers, scrum masters and test engineers, we cover every angle and all of our work is done in the UK.

Our experienced team has delivered successful software and database development projects for well-known companies like Volkswagen Financial Services, Capita, Coventry University and Subway (EIPC). We support all versions of .NET from .NET 2.0 to .NET Core 3.1 and we are planning to support .NET 5.


Microsoft .NET Outsourcing

UK software development, management, release and support

Database Applications

We work with Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Azure, Oracle and MySQL databases and are skilled in both T-SQL and PL/SQL development. For web applications, we support Angular, React and Microsoft Blazor as well as legacy ASP.NET WebForms and MVC applications. For desktop applications, we support both WinForms and WPF and for mobile we focus on Xamarin development.

  • Experienced .NET/C# software developers
  • Project managers to keep things on track and keep you informed
  • Scrum masters to keep the team organised and plan ahead
  • Test team to ensure quality is delivered
  • Out-of-hours release and deployment support
  • Agile team using TDD/BDD and Azure DevOps
  • Technical support for your business

How Can We Help?

We help businesses get the software development support they need to deliver successful projects to market.

  • Microsoft .NET and .NET Core application development
  • Business mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Microsoft .NET cloud and API development
  • MSSQL, SQL Azure, Oracle and MySQL database support
  • Cloud and server data processing applications

Fully-Managed .NET Outsourcing

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