Microsoft Access Migration

Upgrade Microsoft Access databases to industry-standard solutions

Many businesses use Microsoft Access to run parts of their day-to-day work. Quite often, these Access databases have been created years earlier and have lingered on in the business because they’re still in use and because replacing them hasn’t been a priority for the business.

While Microsoft Access enables individual departments in business to build their own database specific to their needs, they aren’t usually on the radar for a business’s data compliance team. How much personal data is untracked? How long has it been kept? Who has access to it? Is the data up-to-date, correct and relevant to the business?

We start by converting your Access database to the industry-standard Microsoft SQL Server format and analyse the views, reports and business logic inside your Access database to create an upgrade plan.

Working closely with your key stakeholders, we build a secure and modern web or desktop application that fits into your business data governance and security policies. User access to the upgraded software can be controlled using usernames and passwords, Azure AD or 3rd party OAuth accounts such as Facebook, Google, Twitter or Microsoft.

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Microsoft Access

Database Migration

Upgrade and connect your Microsoft Access business data

Integrated Systems

Microsoft Access is a great tool for prototyping database systems for companies or departments making a start with their data. The lack of user access control, data governance and integration with other business systems can lead to data loss, poor data quality, GDPR contraventions and additional management effort. Building a modern and compliant system to replace your Access database protects your business data into the future.

  • Improved user access control across your organisation
  • Integration with other business systems (CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence and Reporting)
  • Extend capabilities to meet future business requirements
  • Compliant with your company’s data governance and compliance policies
  • Data backups managed as part of your standard IT processes
  • 24/7 availability for on-premises or remote teams
  • Reduces manual data entry and duplication

How Do We Help?

We aren’t just suppliers to our clients, we’re trusted technical partners. We advise our clients on the best routes to reach their business goals and we only develop custom solutions when off-the-shelf software isn’t up to the job.

  • Microsoft .NET and .NET Core application development
  • Business mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Microsoft .NET cloud and API development
  • MSSQL, SQL Azure, Oracle and MySQL database support
  • Cloud and server data processing applications

Ready For The Next Step?

Every business is unique with different challenges and goals. Let’s have a conversation to find out more about your business and find the right solutions for you. Fill in your contact details below and we’ll arrange an initial online meeting. Our mission is to help you solve your business challenges.

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