Microsoft 365 Automation

Process documents automatically in the cloud with Power Automate

Automate Microsoft 365 with Power Automate

Save time and avoid common mistakes by automating Word and Excel document creation using Microsoft 365.

Imagine if you could create and email an Excel report to your team automatically. What if you could create customer documents and email them in PDF format without opening Word?

Microsoft 365 automation using Power Automate enables documents, files and emails to be processed automatically in the cloud. Processes can be triggered manually, by changes to customer data or even incoming emails.

Connected Applications

Microsoft Power Automate connects to over 130 different applications as well as on-site databases. Your business data can be connected securely and used to control business workflows.

If you have a rules-based business process that can be documented then it can be automated in the cloud.

Microsoft Power Automate connected applications

How much time do you spend on admin work?

It’s one of those things that creeps up on you. Before you know it, admin work is taking up large portions of your day.

Focus back on the important tasks: taking care of customers and growing your business. As for those repetitive everyday tasks, automate them.

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Data Imports

Import data directly from Excel into business databases with no coding required. Trigger imports when files are saved or updated in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.

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Create and distribute management reports from business data using Microsoft Power Automate. Send reports and notifications by email, SharePoint or Microsoft Teams.

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Manage Workflows

Automatically handle documents using pre-defined workflows. Request approvals from designated team members for sensitive tasks. Integrate with Microsoft Flow mobile app.

Power Automate drives business transformation

The Total Economic Impact™ of Power Apps and Microsoft Power Automate, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, October 2019

Reduction in app development costs
Average improvement in business process efficiencies in year three
ROI over three years

Automate routine admin work in the cloud

Let Microsoft Power Automate help your business

Start using automation to reduce your workload by processing Microsoft Office documents in the cloud, responding to incoming emails and sending team reports and notifications.