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Are you handling incoming invoices manually? Still having to enter them into your business accounting software either as they arrive, every week or every month? Could you be doing something else for your business with that time?

We work closely with the three major accounting software vendors – QuickBooks, Sage and Xero – to do the work for you. When you get an invoiced emailed to you or scanned onto your PC, our software will detect that and automatically extract the relevant data from the invoice including the supplier name, invoice number and date, the invoice line items and the subtotals and totals including the breakdown of VAT.

This is then passed into your accounting software without you noticing. In the event of any problems (for example, matching a new supplier to an account), you will be notified and after the problem is resolved, all future invoices will continue to be processed in the same way. Once the accounting software has been updated the original invoice is archived for future reference.

Business Benefits

Faster Processing

Because invoices are handled as they arrive and with a virtual automated employee performing the data entry tasks, everything happens much quicker than before.

Removing the invoice handling work from your day frees you up to focus on revenue generating work.

Less Mistakes

Once configure, virtual automated employees do exactly what they’ve been told to do, every single time.

They work 24/7 without losing concentration or getting tired. Entering invoice data into accounting software becomes an easy job with no mistakes.

Lower Costs

Once the system is in place, most invoices will no longer need to be handled manually.

For companies that have an independent accountant that helps them with accounting, these visits can be reduced. In house accounting teams can either be re-assigned to other work or downsized.