Web Application Development

Manage your data with modern web-based business applications

Managing your business data effectively using modern, secure and feature-rich web applications can boost your team’s productivity. Avoiding mistakes and reducing support costs for older desktop systems can make them a great investment for your business too.

With the rapid increase in teams working remotely, business web applications offer the ideal opportunity to move your business fully online.

Building and deploying new capabilities to your team is quicker and easier than with traditional desktop applications and support can be focussed on your web applications rather than looking after hundreds, if not thousands, of company PCs.

With the advent of cloud computing, this opens up the door to using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), as well as integration with cloud-based CRMs, accounting software, ERP and HR systems as well as public information about companies and individuals.

Modern web technologies enable us to build real-time dashboards for businesses to track workflows, monitor KPIs and highlight potential issues before they start having a negative impact on your organisation.

Modern and secure

Business Web Applications

Reduce costs while quickly deploying new capabilities to your team

Updating Exiting Software

As a successful business, you may already have a number of software applications that you depend upon every day. We help organisations to plan a roadmap for moving their existing systems to the web. Business continuity is essential and we’ll help keep things running as capabilities are upgraded and rolled-out to your users.

  • Experienced business software development team
  • Projects built upon tried-and-tested frameworks and technologies
  • Applications built to run in the cloud or on-premises
  • Clear, transparent and open communication at all times
  • Applications designed to work on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Full support for roll-out to end users
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

How Do We Help?

We aren’t just suppliers to our clients, we’re trusted technical partners. We advise our clients on the best routes to reach their business goals and we only develop custom solutions when off-the-shelf software isn’t up to the job.

  • Microsoft .NET and .NET Core application development
  • Business mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Microsoft .NET cloud and API development
  • MSSQL, SQL Azure, Oracle and MySQL database support
  • Cloud and server data processing applications

Ready For The Next Step?

Every business is unique with different challenges and goals. Let’s have a conversation to find out more about your business and find the right solutions for you. Fill in your contact details below and we’ll arrange an initial online meeting. Our mission is to help you solve your business challenges.