Bespoke Business Software Development

Whether you need a new back office system creating or a customer portal, a stock-keeping systems or a way to manage your employees out in the field, we can build a solution specifically tailored to your businesses needs.

Are you finding that your current software isn't able to do everything that you need it to? Or are you looking to get a new system designed and developed exactly how you want it to work?

We've built software systems for some of the leading companies in the UK.

Do I need customised software?

This is the first question to ask within your business. The answer all depends on what systems you already have in place and what you need your software to do that it doesn't already do. If you can work with off-the-shelf software then that's a lower cost solution to your problem that you can get straight away.

How We Can Help Your Business

Enhancing Existing Software

If you have customised software in place but are finding that it isn't keeping up with your business then we can help to bring it up-to-date. These changes usually relate to things like regulatory changes such as GDPR, industry changes or business specific requirements. We usually require access to the original source code to be able to make changes to existing systems.

Creating Additional Software

If you're happy with your existing software but need additional supporting systems creating - API's so that other applications can access your existing software and/or data, customer portals or data management systems - we can help build these and integrate them with your existing software.

We don't usually require access to the original source code we are creating supporting applications that work alongside your existing software.

Creating New Systems

You may have been using simple off-the-shelf software packages or services (Microsoft Office, Salesforce CRM or Google Apps for example) to manage your business data but you need something more in tune with the way your business works to take the next step forward.

We work in an open and transparent way that allows our clients to access their source code and monitor progress right from the start.

When the project is complete, we can help deploy the software to the required platform, support the roll-out and provide on-going maintenance and support.