Secure & Robust Custom APIs

More and more systems are interconnected these days. It's essential that your business is able to share data in a controlled manner between mobile apps, third party systems and other internal platforms that are used for data processing, reporting and business intelligence.

Custom APIs can be used to connect external applications such as mobile apps, web-based or desktop applications, 3rd party systems and APIs to your business data in a secure and managed way. Access can be made public or it can be restricted to specific users or user-groups.

APIs can also be used internally by other systems within your corporate infrastructure to share data between different departments or to improve the quality of service to your end customers by processing their data in more effective ways.

Examples of API uses

  • Providing quotes for finance and receiving applications
  • Receiving customer support requests and updating customer on their progress in real-time
  • Enabling customers to update their personal details
  • Mobile booking systems such as for transportation, accommodation, course booking or requesting a visit from a service engineer

Case Study

Volkswagen Financial Services UK

We helped Volkswagen Financial Services UK overcome issues with faxing in finance documents by building a custom API and mobile app for iOS that integrated with their existing infrastructure, including credit processing software, document archiving systems and security policies.

Click here to view a demonstration of how the mobile app works with our API for Volkswagen Financial Services UK

Volkswagen Financial Services now receive the majority of documents using this API and app enabling them to complete the credit application process quicker and with better image quality.