Automated Data Entry

Are you spending a lot of your time copying or entering customer or business data into other applications? Entering data manually is time-consuming, expensive, demotivating and prone to errors.

For businesses, time is money. Every employee costs the business money so the more time they can spend on revenue generating work the better, right?

By automating this work you can free up your employees to spend more time on supporting new or existing customers, providing a better and more responsive service. For smaller companies, automation can help reduce costs by removing the need for hiring extra employees or paying for part-time staff to do those regular jobs.

Here are a few ideas about everyday work that can be automated:

  • Maintaining and adding employee data
  • Business compliance
  • Customer information
  • Adding and updating product data
  • Recording expense claims

Automation works with desktop and web-based applications. If a human can sit at a desk doing the work manually following a regular, definable process, then that work can be automated.

Our Expertise

We have worked with many different companies of all sizes and have a long track record of successfully delivering software projects to customers. We take the time to understand your business and your daily processes.

We will make recommendations to improve business processes where possible and we will work closely with you to make sure that your business is making the best use of technology to make it as efficient as possible.

Office automation software improves productivity and reduces costs

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