Legacy Systems Automation Using RPA

Medium and large-sized businesses often have back office software in use (sometimes business-critical in nature) that was developed years earlier. Many of these systems are labour-intensive, often requiring manual data entry and decision making which costs your business time and money.

Don't panic, we can help! Over the years, we've worked on legacy systems up to 15 years old, sometimes built on obsolete technologies that are unsupported on newer operating systems or that include known performance or security issues.

We will take the time to analyse your software and talk to the key personnel within your company to get a full understanding of what your software does, what systems it interacts with and how any changes may affect things within the business.

We then put a plan in place detailing how we will automate the software and how we will co-ordinate the changes within your business making sure that all the key stakeholders are involved from the very beginning.

Our Expertise

We have worked on legacy systems in the financial, automotive, non-profit and education sectors. Our team is able to pick up development work in older versions of the Microsoft .NET framework (down to .NET 2.0), older versions of Oracle and SQL Server databases and web applications designed to work with older browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 so if coding work is needed, we can handle it.

We can provide continued support as-is, or alternatively work with your business to modernise these applications up to 2020's standards.