Business AI & Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Free your business from repetitive manual tasks, workflows and processes with robotic process automation (RPA). We specialise in implementing AI to automate businesses using the leading Microsoft Power Automate cloud platform.

We've all had to do those jobs at some point, right? Entering data manually into an application or spreadsheet, copying data from one place to another or emailing reports off to managers on a regular, repetitive basis. It's these kinds of things that - as humans - we're just not great at.

Boredom sets in, productivity and quality slip. Surely we could be doing something better - individually and for the business - with our time!

By automating repetitive tasks, we free ourselves up to focus on the tasks with real business value. Robotic process automation can be modelled or trained to do the jobs that humans aren't really designed to do. Better still, they work 24/7, never need holidays or take sick days, you don't need to pay into their pension and they don't lose concentration or make mistakes.

Business Use cases

Invoicing & Order Management

Using optical character recognition (OCR) and the ability to deal with various file and data formats such as Word, Excel, email, RPA enables automated importing of orders and invoices into your business's enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems benefiting both suppliers and customers.

Financial Services

As with most document processing tasks RPA automation can be used for finance application processing tasks. Complex business logic can be embedded in bots partially automating credit decisions and the manual processes that follow the decision.

Data Processing

Most departments including HR, customer service and marketing need to update customer/personnel data which is constantly changing. Setting up bots for auto updating relevant data from forms or email can ensure that departments can access fresh and correct data.

Human Resources

What processes do HR staff go through when on-boarding a new employee? RPA can do the usual jobs of adding the new employee to the payroll, getting their accounts set up and preparing and sending out company documentation.

By 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% by combining hyper-automation technologies with redesigned operational processes. (Gartner Predicts 2020: RPA Renaissance Driven by Morphing Offerings and Zeal for Operational Excellence)

Connected Applications

Microsoft Power Automate connects with over a hundred different cloud applications meaning that we can automate processes and workflows across any platform your business uses and we also support automation for your legacy desktop and web applications.